Sunday, August 22, 2010



Although, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really thinking heck when I first caught eye on my darling daughter's new do.

Pictures can say a thousand words, but unfortunately, although a picture has been taken, the USB cord is not working correctly and I can't download them to the computer. Erg. Lucky for you, I am a master of words. *Ha, ha, ha, cough, cough, blech* (Sorry, I started choking in my sarcastic laughter). I will however, attempt to describe the beauty that currently is sitting on our "throne".

(Lest you think we are royalty--as I'm sure that was your first thought--we're potty training.)

(The potty-training is endless.)

(But I digress. Back to our regularly-scheduled post.)

Think of pretty little Megs, with her light blond hair, cute bangs and scraggly hair that's been determinedly pulled out of whatever pony/pig/animal tail that I attempted this morning and is now streaming behind her as she runs around my house wrecking havoc whenever her attention is caught. Check out the pics in the side column or previous posts if needed.

NOW, imagine that same impish face. Imagine those bangs cut to about 1/4 of an inch on the right side of her face, to about 3/4 of an inch on the left. With big gouges of jaggedy steps in between. THEN, imagine nice chunks of hair cut in random around her noggin. Thankfully, no bald spots. Luckily I was planning on taking her to get her hair cut into a bob anyways...

...we're just going to make that appointment for tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poops & Peeters

(I know. I figured if I was gonna come back with a post after months of nothing, I'd better have a good title. Made you look, didn't it?)

Do any of you watch PBS, with or without your kids? There are some good shows. We love Curious George, Arthur, and Cyberchase. Meg could watch Word World pretty much all day with Super Why! a close second in her book.

But the show that all four of my kids watch, even Bryson, is Dinosaur Train. They love learning about dinosaurs and they LOVE all the songs. But there is one song....that quite frankly disturbs me as much as it amuses me.

Every Dinosaur Poops.

I tried to embed the video but that just didn't work. Take a second and go to the link to watch it. If your children love Dinosaur Train, well then I'm sure you've already been exposed to the joys of pooping dinosaurs. Whenever this episode airs, I have Megs & Garrett singing this song for days. DAYS!

But that is not the worst song my children sing. Ohhhh no. Another song that my children love (thanks Grandpa Felkins) is one that they learned while camping this summer. I'm sure you've heard it but tried to block it out if you are a woman. And if you are a man? Well, then I'm sure you'll be glad Grandpa decided to impart his wisdom on my kids. And please teach the same to your kids, cuz I don't want to have the only inappropriate children out there, K?

Oh, the song. You pry want to know (and by want, I mean cringing in fear) what song I'm even talking about. Here goes. "There's a skeeter on my peeter."


WILDLY inappropriate.

And yet, strangely hilarious when you hear your children and their cousins singing it at the top of their lungs in the middle of the mountains. If you do not know the words, ask your hubby. OR, I'll just tell you. Cuz hey, if my kids can be inappropriate, so can I.


"There's a skeeter on my peeter, flick it off....
There's a skeeter on my peeter flick it off...
There's a skeeter on my peeter, there's a skeeter on my peeter,
There's a skeeter on my peeter, flick it off!"

Simplistic really, and yet it will provide you with miles of laughter and humiliation. Especially when your kids start singing it in the camp section of Walmart two weeks later.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just thought I'd freak all of you out by actually putting in a teensy tiny little post with our latest happenings.

We're alive.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Megan Gets Religious

The Sunday after Christmas our ward did another Christmas-like program (they did one the prior week as well) with lots of music and short talks. I LOVE Christmas programs. They are interesting, they move along, and with all the music it just helps the Spirit out.

A Brother visiting our ward gets up for his talk. He is tall, probably in his 40's, has dark longish hair, and a beard. We are sitting in the front row on the side because the chapel was packed with people. Megan sees our next speaker, stands up on my lap, and yells, "MOM! It's JESUS!"

The Brother (I cannot for the life of me remember his name) looks over at us and says, "Well, not quite little lady, but thanks," and proceeds on with his talk. The whole chapel is cracking up. I am shushing Megs and trying to get her to settle down but she just keeps stage-whispering, "Jesus, Mommy. JESUS. It's JESUS!" Finally I had to take her out into the foyer so everyone could listen to the speaker instead of my daughter.

While I am very happy that she is aware of Jesus, perhaps we should focus a tad more on the stories in the Bible rather than pictures, so she doesn't think every man with a beard is Jesus, don't ya think?

Good times.


Can you believe it? For the first time in, oh about four years, we actually got family pictures taken! Yay!! My friend Emily Bailey took them (check out her blog and did a fantastic job of catching my kids' personalities.

And yes, I am well aware that I have been a bad, bad blogger. So sue me. I needed a break for a bit...and yes, I still hit Facebook everyday (cuz it's fast, fun, and I'm addicted, ok??) but one of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more consistently-ish. At least monthly and hopefully more than that.

Also, we took tons of pics at Christmas and Halloween and all that jazz, but our camera won't download them to the computer. So here's a sum-up. We had Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was fun. We played a lot, spent a lot, and ate a lot. Best holidays of 2009, maybe even 2005-2008 as well because no one was sick. If my camera stops throwing a hissy fit we'll download some pictures. Otherwise, use your imagination, cuz I got nothin'.


Wait...I do have a story. I know you all looove my stories. And if not, well, it'd just be rude to stop reading now. So, Christmas Eve. Beautiful, freezing cold, nothing in particular to do during the day other than prepare for Christmas, so my hubby gets spontaneous (which is rather rare so be proud of him) and we decide to take the kids to go see "Chipmunks: the Squeakquel" or however you spell it. I don't want to go check, so if you want to go check the spelling, lemmeno and I'll change it if it's wrong. (sarcasm is my friend today in case you weren't aware).

Anyway. Grabbed the kiddles and off we went. As we are pulling into the parking lot we decide that after the movie we are going to stop at Costco to get some cheap gas (cuz it's right across the street) so we're all set for the next day of driving around visiting all the fam. Do you sense the foreshadowing here? Get inside the movie theater where we spend a fortune on tickets and snacks, cuz hey, it's Christmas, and the kids LOVED the movie. Imagine an amazing movie that could possibly win an Oscar because of the specatular effects, acting and musical score. That would be the complete opposite of this movie. (It was kinda funny, there was more music than the first movie, but the dancing? Good grief. Once was pry good enough for me.)

After the movie we go out to the van and lo, and behold, the van doesn't start. Errggg....after an hour of trying to get gas, jumping the car, having everybody who walks by us offer to help (which was so incredible it makes me believe that the spirit of Christmas is alive and well), we finally called to get some family to come help us out. Needless to say, I'm filling up the van with gas every week regardless of how many miles have been driven. :)

Really not my best story but it's all I've got today. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cub Scouts (aka I have NO idea what I'm doing)


I've been called as the Wolf den leader for Cub Scouts. I am excited to learn more about the scouting program, but honestly, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Bryson has been in Scouts for almost a year, but with moving and this new ward not keeping on top of weekly activities and badges (and us as parents not keeping up on it either), I still feel like I have no clue as to what it all entails. However, they have put in all new leaders and a new cubmaster who is very gung-ho and excited to be involved and get the boys on their way, so I think it's going to be great. Needless to say, I will be learning alot and plan on picking everybody's brain who has had anything to do with it (i.e. my dad, my brother, Mary Ann--you're still a den leader, right?, and anybody else who can help me out). Feel free to give me lots of advice and ideas. LOTS.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I was hiding from my son today. In the kitchen. And not hiding exactly, just not answering when he was calling for me while I was clearing the table after dinner, which is really more like pretending to be invisible and not hiding at all. Anyway, Bryson comes around the corner and says, "There you are! Why didn't you answer when I called for you?" I smirked, and just as I was about to respond...

Abby says, "Cuz she's evil."

You better believe it.
Mwa ha ha ha!