Sunday, August 22, 2010



Although, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't really thinking heck when I first caught eye on my darling daughter's new do.

Pictures can say a thousand words, but unfortunately, although a picture has been taken, the USB cord is not working correctly and I can't download them to the computer. Erg. Lucky for you, I am a master of words. *Ha, ha, ha, cough, cough, blech* (Sorry, I started choking in my sarcastic laughter). I will however, attempt to describe the beauty that currently is sitting on our "throne".

(Lest you think we are royalty--as I'm sure that was your first thought--we're potty training.)

(The potty-training is endless.)

(But I digress. Back to our regularly-scheduled post.)

Think of pretty little Megs, with her light blond hair, cute bangs and scraggly hair that's been determinedly pulled out of whatever pony/pig/animal tail that I attempted this morning and is now streaming behind her as she runs around my house wrecking havoc whenever her attention is caught. Check out the pics in the side column or previous posts if needed.

NOW, imagine that same impish face. Imagine those bangs cut to about 1/4 of an inch on the right side of her face, to about 3/4 of an inch on the left. With big gouges of jaggedy steps in between. THEN, imagine nice chunks of hair cut in random around her noggin. Thankfully, no bald spots. Luckily I was planning on taking her to get her hair cut into a bob anyways...

...we're just going to make that appointment for tomorrow.


Lois Lane said...

Oh, please hurry and get the pictures up!!!!

laura_beez said...

AHHHH! She is so crazy! Yes, we NEED a picture! I wish we lived nearer to each other, because Maren and Megs could wreak some seriously joyful havoc together.